Your hosts Saúl and Norbert are welcoming you to our hotel.

Simply feel free and welcome! Enjoy gay friendly La Paz. In our relaxed atmosphere it is easy to meet people.

Enjoy the beautiful Malecon for people watching or go for a run.

Our beaches are clean and beautiful and I would say the Balandra beach is easily competing with the most

beautiful beaches in the world. Besides you can still choose a solitary beach for you and your lover only.

A trip to the island and to play with the sea lions is unforgettable.You can also just take one of our kayaks

and enjoy the sunset while checking out the dolphins passing by.

Any amount of romance you need you can get it here in La Paz!

If you are looking for nightlife; La Paz features the following gay bars:

- Le Dôme, Independencia y casi Malecon

- LAS JARRAS, 5 de Febrero, between calle Abasolo and Belizario Dominguez

- there are many other bars which have a mixed crowd and are fun. Our staff will be happy

to give you the latest news on where to go.

A night out could start with a great dinner at our Restaurant Zoe, which offers fresh homemade pasta and eclectic cuisine.

If you decide not to stay at our hotel, come for dinner, a coffee or a glass of wine and get the latest on where to go .

Dancing starts around midnight and goes on till 4 am.

We hope to see you soon!