La Paz

La Paz sunset view from the Malecón
Cuauthemoc park 2 minutes from the hotel
Vultures on the Malecón
La Paz sunset
The dolphin and mermaid sculpture on the Malecón
Giant pigeon sculpture on the Malecón
Catedral de La Paz
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The city of La Paz. It’s main attraction is the Malecón, the shore promenade which gives you the possibility to walk, jog, run, roller skate, bike or simply to relax on one of the many benches. The over 5 Kilometer long promenade along the sea of Cortez gives you also plenty of choices for the perfect sunset photo. It is the place to meet people from La Paz or from around the world. Keep an eye on the water and you might just spot a dolphin feeding in the waters close to the Malecón.

More reasons to visit La Paz are the incredibly beautiful beaches surrounding the city. The island of Espíritu Santo is a sanctuary and a excursion to swim with the sea lions will give you an everlasting memory.

Just off the Mogote (that sandy peninsula you see across the water) you have the chance of swimming with the whale sharks.